Best Payment Methods for US Players

The main consideration to make is when you are exploring online gambling and doing financial transactions online. Since online casinos are virtual, players have no choice but to opt for online payment methods so they can play and collect winnings. There are different payment methods available, and they all work. It is just a matter of which ones are better than the rest. Some of them allow instant banking, while others take a while before you can complete a withdrawal. You will find out what the best payment methods for US players are by reading further.

Visa Credit Card

This is one of the top options when funding your casino account. Visa Card has a high success rate in majority of online casinos. Your card has to be allowed for making international payments. If you have issues with this, you can try another credit card that saved you in the past. A prepaid Visa card is also an option which can be bought. Contact customer support of the website before purchasing any prepaid card. They should be able to tell you which ones work on their site.


Another reputable money service transfer is Neteller. It is popular and known to be a secure platform for paying goods on a couple of sites. Neteller can protect your identity when you make withdrawal requests because it helps in keeping scammers and fraudsters away. Neteller is an old platform, which is why it is not surprising that 80% of the gambling payments made online are made through Neteller. It can be accessed in more than 200 countries and regulated by the FCA. Moreover, it is accepted by majority of the respected online casinos out there. Neteller can process transactions quickly, whether it is through deposits or withdrawals. Actually, it is a very quick way to collect casino winnings.


This is a great option for the ones who want to keep their anonymity or hide their financial information from the internet. There are a lot of people who do not own a credit card, or opt to keep their gambling activities private. PaySafeCard is another very popular prerpaid card that online casinos around the world accept, even USA. You only have to look for a store where you can buy the physical card.


Today, it is one of the most widely used e-wallets because it is supporting 41 currencies and all of the major debit and credit cards. It also processes transactions and give anonymity. Aside from that, it is safe to use.

Bank Transfer

This is a very popular payment method and it is also very straightforward because it is very secure. A lot of people patronize this method because of safety. These are the best online casino payment methods for USA players so if you are in that country, these are your best options.